About KK's Covers

I’ve known from the beginning of our cancer journey, literally from the moment they gave us the news that our daughter had cancer and a nurse let me cry on her shoulder as she cried with me, that the children’s cancer ward at Dell Children’s Hospital would forever be a part of our lives.  I knew that somehow, some way, we would give back to that community.  You see, up there, the heartache bonds you.  You become close with the other families walking a similar journey and the nurses become your angels in the flesh.  While KK was admitted, she received multiple blood transfusions, platelet infusions and chemo.  Kids are tethered to their IV poles for weeks, sometimes months at a time.  Watching all that scary stuff slowly drip into your body through a permanent port they implant in your chest can be very scary and overwhelming.  

The nurses used to cover her pole with a sheet to help her not be afraid.  Until one day when a nurse noticed that we were having to cover her IV pole.  She came in on her day off and sewed a polk-a-dot cover for her IV pole.  Of course, her kindness made us all cry.  I knew then how we would give back.  One day, we would provide IV pump covers for all kids at Dell fighting cancer.  Thus the idea for “KK’s Covers” was born.  For every item purchased through Canine Cakes, a portion of the proceeds will go to fund the cost of these covers that we will deliver on a monthly basis to the children’s cancer wing at Dell Children’s Hospital.  The covers will be inspirational and fun!  Marvel super heroes, Disney princesses, Outer Space and Mermaids…anything to help make a scary thing turn into something they enjoy looking at.  All Sewn by KK’s grandmother. Here’s a photo of KK toting her pole with her cover on it around Dell on “National Doughnut Day.”  She of course delivered doughnuts to all her nurses.

Covers made with love

This is KK’s Mimi, Reka! At Canine Cakes By KK we believe in family and we work together to help out each other and our community. Each KK Cover is handmade by us, so you know it is made with love!